BIG BOSS PALM - coconut + vanilla soda

BIG BOSS PALM is the world’s first coconut water based soda – a coconut + vanilla fizzy pop made from young Thai coconut water, zero refined sugar and all-natural ingredients.  

Developed to be better for you, whilst ruling on flavour. Expect a citrus bite, followed by bags of warm toasted coconut, smooth-smooth vanilla and an incredibly creamy (and tiny-bit-salty) finish from the coconut water. It’s like a deliciously grown-up, clean version of a cream soda – and although it tastes really naughty, it’s really not!

We reckon it’s the best soda ever made. Super refreshing on its own, and a game-changing mixer.

how to drink BBP

how to drink BBP

Any way you like, really – BIG BOSS PALM is multi-talented. As with all things coconut-water, chilled is best, and a straight-up BBP ice-cold from the fridge is hard to beat. But if you’re feeling fancy… a scoop of ice cream up top (raspberry ripple is our fave) makes a killer BBP float. Pouring your BBP over ice will mellow the flavour; a twist of lime will add a gorgeous zing; and a big, slapped sprig of mint will add a hit of freshness. And on a Friday night, BBP is about to become your best-mate mixer, blending beautifully with your spirit of choice, whilst keeping you nice and hydrated as you go, minus the bucketload of sugar your regular mixer adds.

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